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If you want to buy a used car online, you could complain about many things but you could never say there are few sites where you could find such vehicles.,,,… the list can run for as long as you want. If you’ve got the time, you’ll find a car in the shape you want, and for the right price. But what happens when you don’t have the time? (…Read More)

How AutoGlance determines which listings to “Hide”

If you’ve done a few searches on AutoGlance, you’ve probably noticed that many of the listings we find are hidden by default. If you’re wondering what criteria are used to determine which results are hidden, here’s the answer:

It’s important to note that a listing is only hidden if it meets all three of these criteria.

Many other car sites may use ‘deal scores’ to show you which listings are best, but we feel that our method is better for two reasons:

1. Its very straightforward and transparent. If the car meets the three criteria, it is deemed worse. Theres no fancy algorithms or calculations are involved. You don’t need a calculator to convince yourself that the hidden cars really are worse.

2. We’re comparing apples to apples; a ‘deal score’ compares apples to oranges. For example, a 2010 BMW M3 for $50,000 is a great deal (ie deal score of 9 out of 10). A 1999 BMW M3 for $5,000 is also a great deal (ie also deal score of 9 out of 10). If you sorted these cars by deal score, they would both show up next to each other. The reality is that no one who is looking for a 2010 M3 is also interested in a 1999 M3, and vice versa.

With AutoGlance, were don’t compare cars based on deals. All that we do is hide a car if its worse than another car. If there’s a 2010 Civic with 50,000 miles for $20,000 and another 2010 Civic with 100,000 miles for $25,000, we’re only going to show you the first one. All other things being equal, nobody is going to buy the car with greater mileage and a greater price; that would just be foolish. And that’s all we’re trying to show you.

AutoGlance Launches in Beta Today!

After nearly 5 months of work, we’re finally ready to launch AutoGlance. It’s been a long road and we’re excited to show the world what we think is the easiest and most enjoyable way to find your new car. Why? Here are three reasons:

1. AutoGlance aggregates listings from a number of places (like AutoTrader and so that you don’t waste your time performing the same search over and over on different sites.

2. AutoGlance has a unique interface that’s unlike any other car search site. We graphically display things like the car’s color, mileage, and price so that you don’t have to read through a block of text (who likes reading?).

3. AutoGlance uses ‘collapses’ to hide dozens of cars if they are determined to be worse deals than a similar listing. It sounds like something obvious, but it’s an important feature that’s missing from all other car search sites. We can easily save you from looking through 50+ cars that you most likely have no intention of buying.

We’re really happy with AutoGlance in its current state, but we’ve still got a long way to go. We consider AutoGlance to be what’s referred to as a ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) in the startup world. In other words, we feel that we’ve got the features that you couldn’t live without (ie filtering by automatic or manual transmission), but we’re still working on the more complex things (ie the ability to only show cars that have a sunroof). Feel free to contact us with any features or ideas you many have for improving AutoGlance, we will certainly take them into consideration!